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Friday, November 6, 2009

Send copied text from iPhone to Linux desktop Redux

That last post using mailx to send the iPhone's clipboard contents tested great then started failing. I tried to work out the bugs but it didn't cooperate. Mailx crashes often when executed from a SpringBoard icon and the sed line tests well then stops working for some unknown reason.

I finally gave up and found a better, faster, and more reliable alternative, and that's to use an auto-login to scp the clipboard file to the PC, where processing can take place.

Setting up scp to auto-login is pretty simple. It involves creating a keypair and moving the private key to the iPhone, then logging in to the computer with that key. Here is a more detailed guide.

Once the auto-login is set up, use this script on the iPhone:

#! /bin/sh
cd /var/mobile
scp -i ~/.ssh/KEY ~/Library/Preferences/com.hitoriblog.pasteboardstacker.plist USERNAME@IPADDRESS:/PATH/TO/PUT/THE/FILE

Now you can do the text processing on the computer. I will tweak that soon-tomorrow if I have the time- and post the results.

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