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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Growing your iMob mob the lazy way

If you play iMob Online and want more people in your mob, you can go to imob-friendcodes.com and put in your iMob code so people can add you. You can do this once per hour, but who has the time?

This script adds your code every 65 minutes, just replace my iMob code with 165662468 (don't forget to add me). You could edit out the "while true do sleep done" loop and set is as an hourly cronjob, but the odds are high that you will submit the info and imob-friendcodes.com will tell you to come back later because it's only been 59 minutes and 59 seconds since your last submission.

I don't play them, but I've tested it with all 6 games from the Godfather developer.

#! /bin/sh
while `true`
function postcode
curl -d "friend_code=165662468&on0=Friend Code&postback=1" $1
sleep 5s
postcode http://imob-friendcodes.com/
postcode http://iknightcode.com/
postcode http://jetfightersfriendcodes.com/
postcode http://ivampirescode.com/
postcode http://girlwarcodes.com/
postcode http://raceordie-codes.com/
sleep 65m

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